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Cómo el parkour dejó de ser unos locos saltando por tejados para convertirse en un deporte oficial

A pesar de llevar en Reino Unido no más de un década, el parkour ha sabido hacerse un sitio dentro de la sociedad inglesa: no en vano, los ingleses han sido los primeros en otorgar a este “arte del desplazamiento” la categoría de deporte. Pero…

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Por dónde empezar: ¿volumen o definición?

Una de las cuestiones que generan mayor duda en la sala de pesas de cualquier gimnasio, sobre todo entre personas que comienzan en este mundo, es el no saber muy bien por dónde empezar ¿volumen o definición?. Conocemos nuestro objetivo, pero no el camino a…

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Kirsch Kronicles: All Hands on Deck for Day 4

It was all hands on deck for Day 4. Full Patriots team access at the hotel, PFW in Progress and taping the PFW TV show for CSNNE. But as I sit down to write this the one event from the day that has me fuming…

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Feud? What feud? Goodell downplays lingering effects of Deflategate drama

HOUSTON – If there is ever any sense of closure remotely possible between the New England Patriots, their rabid fan base, and Roger Goodell in regards to the bitter and contentious Deflategate saga, Wednesday afternoon provided no sign of it. Going tie-less with a business…

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Dante Scarnecchia reflects on Super Bowl Sunday's family ties

Photo by Winslow Townson/AP The Super Bowl is meaningful game for any player or coach lucky enough to experience competing on the NFL’s most prestigious stage, but for Offensive Line Coach Dante Scarnecchia, Super Bowl LI is even more special. The game is Dante’s eighth…

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Presser Points – Belichick: Which Falcon is the priority?

HOUSTON – Super Bowl well is in full swing and Bill Belichick addressed the media again on Wednesday fresh off the practice field. After indicating his team was able to get a lot of things done before departing for Houston, Belichick expressed confidence that the…

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Patriots Quotes 2/1

BILL BELICHICK, HEAD COACH (on installing the gameplan prior to the team’s arrival in Houston)“We got a lot of things done in Foxborough. We practiced three days and had a walkthrough for one day. We have some things that were leftover that we picked up…

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Falcons Fans: What to Do in Houston

For Falcons fans arriving in Houston, here’s a list of the activities to get you set for Sunday’s game Powered by WPeMatico

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Headlines: Falcons to Test Pats D Like Never Before

Only have a few minutes to get caught up on your football news? Each weekday, will keep you updated with the latest Falcons information you need to know. Powered by WPeMatico

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Pats Receivers to Pose Big Challenge in SBLI

The Patriots’ wide receivers haven’t dominated the conversation like their quarterback and tight ends, but they’ve been an important part of New England’s high-flying offense. Powered by WPeMatico

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